Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ravinia is an amazing little treasure just outside the city!

I went to Ravinia last night for the first time to see Tony Bennett. I'm embarassed to say that I've lived in Chicago for 10+ years (don't want to give away my age too much!) and have never been. I've always wanted to go. It just seems summer flies by and I never make the actual plans to go. Plus as a city dweller, like most of us, I don't like to actually leave the city if I don't have to.

Ravinia is an easy Metra ride away. Or for us we had an easy drive and were going with people who literally lived next door to Ravinia. So we had easy driveway parking and just cut through a fence to get to the gate.

Ravinia was this little amazing oasis! It was beautiful with a cute little stone building with stained-glass windows, so many trees surrounding you with candlelight everywhere from everyones mosquito repellant candles (lol). It was like you were in the middle of the forest for an amazing concert. And everyone was so prepared! Tables, chairs, blankets, wine, tons of foods, from pizza to cheese and crackers.

I'm sad that I've been missing it all these years! And will definitely go back again soon!!

I guess it's really easy to get tickets the day of too. There are so many people trying to sell their tickets before you walk in, so you'd have no problem going the day of to get tickets.

Here's the calendar for the remainder of the year. I highly suggest you get a group of friends together to go! You won't be disappointed no matter who the artist is!

Tony Bennett by the way was amazing! He's a legend and it such a great experience hearing him perform. His daughter Antonia even joined him on stage. He also told a story of how as a young performer, Bob Hope asked him what his name was. He responded Anthony Dominick Benedetto. Bob Hope said that's too long. From now on, you'll be Tony Bennett! And from then on he was.

Have any of you been to Ravinia? Who did you see? What was your experience?

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