Saturday, August 27, 2011

Food Trucks Everywhere!

Have you seen any of the food trucks around Chicago lately? I feel it's the next big thing, whether they have tamales, tacos or cupcakes. I see them everywhere around the city. I know there is always a cupcake food truck or two parked outside my office building tempting me on my way to work. There is even a food network show looking for the next big food truck.

This weekend there was a Food Truck Social Fest in my neighborhood. It's at Chicago and Ashland if you are around for the next two hours. Tons of different trucks, long lines to get to the delicious food, great bands. I tried this chicken pot pie pocket that was amazing! They even had a doggie food truck. So I picked up some bones for my little ones. I also made sure to stop by the Flirty Cupcake Truck! Sweets are my weakness. I was able to pick up a S'more cupcake and a chocolate raspberry one! I can't wait to dig into those later tonight. to check out their truck schedule.

Here's a schedule of some food trucks coming your way in the next couple weeks.

Enjoy! What do you think of the food truck craze? Have you found any good ones that you love or we should try?

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