Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Two Cents: Best and Worst of 2011 Wrap-Up

As 2012 begins, we thought we would wrap up some of the Best and Worst stories, headlines and scandals of the previous year, Two Cents Style.

Best Wedding

The Royal Wedding of Kate and William

Who doesn't love a real-life fairytale?! I was beyond obsessed with this Royal Wedding. It might have something to do with the fact that they married one week before me. But a real life prince and princess, how could you not watch? And to top it off, they seem like genuine people that are really in love. I can't wait to watch what happens with these two after the wedding. I know they will both do great things.

Biggest Scandal

Arnold's Love Child with his Housekeeper

I mean, we all saw something coming with him. There have been rumors for years about him cheating, groping women, etc. But a 11+ year old love child with his housekeeper?! The same age as one of his other kids! Right under his family's roof. No one saw that coming. I just feel bad for Maria and their children. Disgusting.

Biggest Meltdown

Charlie Sheen

Wow! What a trainwreck! Seems like Charlie Sheen was on a slippery downslope that started from trashing his boss, his ex-wife, to obtaining a few goddesses and going on his Winning tour looking like a maniac. Let's just hope 2012 brings less of him.

Biggest Sham/Waste of Our Time

Kim and Kris' 72 day marriage and the sham leading up to it

I don't want to waste any more time on these fame-seekers. But really, you tricked us, lead us on and then dumped on us. Good bye. Let's hope 2012 brings less of the Kardashian family please!

Cutest Girls of the Year

Sophia Grace and Rosie singing Adele and Nikki Minaj

Omg! The cutest girls and videos you have ever seen. If you haven't seen these yet, please stop what you are doing and watch! Ellen found them on You Tube and made them a sensation. They are beyond adorable and I hope to see more of them in 2012.

Here's a link to their video performance:

Biggest Comeback

Britney Spears

Yay! Britney's Back B#tch! After a few rough years, Britney looks like she's finally on the road to having it all again! Touring, caring for her adorable boys and finding love! Sounds like he's a good guy too, which is what she needs. You go girl!

Biggest Repeat-Offender Disaster

Lindsay Lohan

2011 was a bad year for the former Mean Girl star, Lindsay Lohan. She was in and out of court,  jail, rehab, did community service, was under house-arrest. She didn't seem to learn her lesson after each one. Let's hope she has learned her lesson now and won't be repeating her mistakes in 2012.

What big stories will 2012 bring?! Who will have the best wedding? Who will have the biggest meltdown? Let's stay tuned to see. Two Cents will keep you informed as always!

Happy New Year Friends!