Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This is how you know that you are in the 28-35+ years old...

Making that big giant step from your early 20's to your late twenties and then your thirties can sting. 

Teenage boys no longer stare at your chest.
You started finding talk radio to be interesting.
You either go out Friday or Saturday, but not both...that would be crazy.
It makes your day when you get carded for alcohol.
You nap....because you need to.
Blasting your car music is a little embarrassing.  That is why you quickly turn the tunes down the second you get to a stop light.
You accidentally catch yourself saying "OMG, when I was your age..."
All of the creepy people from your highschool start contacting you for dates.
You are generally the oldest person at a Lil Wayne concert.
People call you Ma'am instead of Miss.  Word to the wise...never call a female Ma'am....unless you are ready to get the stink eye.
You have nightmares about your boss and work. You might even wake up in a cold sweat. 
Book clubs are cool.  So is volunteering, pumpkin patches and apple picking.
You're not scared to yell at your neighbors for whatever stupid sh*t they are doing. 
You want more money $$$.  Okay okay...that's probably something you have always wanted.
You still watch MTV shows (i.e. Teen Mom, Awkward, Teen Wolf, Jersey Shore, The Challenge, Real World).
You begin dreading your mail.  Bills, bills and more bills.  It's a perk when you get a wedding invitation and your Victoria Secret catalog. Woot Woot
Half your friends are on anxiety pills.
Motion sickness!  On a bus, in a car, on a train and definitely on a boat. 
You get frustrated when your friends steal your baby names.  Can we say Rachel and Monica. ;)
You might borrow your friend's kid to pick up chicks if you're a guy and you might borrow your friend's dog to pick up hot guys if you are a girl.  Not that I have ever done this....

Got any that we missed?....add them!


  1. Love this! So true. I laughed out loud!!

  2. When sizing up a potential mate...considering how he would be as a partner and father are important too.


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