Friday, October 21, 2011

Timeline of Lindsay Lohan's Criminal Record

Lindsay Lohan Mugshot 2011
October 2011 Mug Shot

October 2011- Lindsay Lohan was back before the judge and prosecutors recommended that she be sent back to jail for failure to complete service at an L.A. women's shelter.  Lindsay was kicked out of the Womens Shelter for not showing up 9 times.  Lindsay was quoted telling the probation department that community service at the Womens Shelter was "unfulfilling."  The judge revoked her probation, set bail for $100,000 and ordered the actress to complete 16 hours of service at the morgue before her November 3nd court date.  Chelsea Handler tweeted "This just in: Jail has been sentenced to 90 days of Lindsay Lohan."

May 2011 - Lilo began serving her 120-days-of-house-arrest in Los Angeles. Lindsey Lohan received 120 days in the slammer but it was changed to house arrest due to overcrowding in the jails.

Lilo hosts a party at her crib during house arrest

April 2011 - Lindsay pleads no contest to misdemeanor theft for stealing a gold necklace from Venice jewelers Kamofie & Co.  She was sentenced to 120 days in jail and 60 days of community service, to run concurrently with the sentence of the same length that she got April 22 for violating probation.  Lohan's lawyer appealed the ruling and she was bonded out.

February 2011 - Lohan pleads innocent to a felony grand theft charge for allegedly stealing a necklace valued at $2,500.  She is released on $40,000 bond and Los Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz warns her that if she violates her parole while on bail for this incident, he will have her arrested and held.

Lilo arriving at court Feb2011

October 2010 - The judge orders Lilo to spend 90 days at a rehab facility.

September 2010 - Just weeks after leaving rehab early, Lindsay failed a drug test mandated by the courts.  The judge sent Lindsay back to jail for failing her drug text and bail was denied.  The judge's ruling was later overturned and Lindsay was released from jail after posting $300,000 bail. 

September 2010 Mug Shot

August 2010 - With only 23 days of rehab under her belt, Lindsay Lohan was released from her treatment program over two months early.

August 2010 - Due to overcrowding at the women's Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California, Lindsay was released after serving only two weeks behind bars. She was immediately sent to rehab for 90 days of treatment.

July 2010 - Judge Marsha Revel sentenced actress Lindsay Lohan to serve 90 days in jail and also spend 90 days in rehab following her release. Even though it was clearly too late, Lindsay pleaded with the judge to reconsider. Showing no mercy, Judge Revel said: "I couldn't have been more clear. There are no excuses."

Lindsay Lohan f word on nails in court Lindsay Lohan Sends Message To Court On Finger Nails (Photos)
Lilo's infamous F*ck U manicure at her July 2010

June 2010 - Lindsay Lohan's SCRAM device was apparently set off while attending a 2010 MTV Movie Awards after party. Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel found Lindsay to be in violation of the original agreement and issued a warrant for her arrest and upped the bail to $200,000. The bond was quickly posted and the warrant was removed. The troubled starlet denied any wrongdoing and even posted a bunch of Tweets in her own defense.

Lohan previously wore a SCRAM bracelet in 2007 after she finished a stint in rehab. CLICK HERE FOR MORE PICS OF STARS WEARING THEIR SCRAMS.
Lilo partying in a SCRAM bracelet

May 2010 - Lindsay was issued a temporary passport and when she returned home at the end of May, a judge mandated that she wear a SCRAM device (court issued alcohol monitoring device) on her ankle.  Lindsay was forbidden from consuming alcohol and scheduled to appear in court in July.

US actress Lindsay Lohan at Superior Court for a hearing in Beverly Hills, California, USA, 24 May 2010. Lohan returned to Los Angeles 22 May after missing a mandatory court appearance and having a warrant issued for her arrest 20 May while she was in Cannes, France for the Cannes Film Festival.  EPA/JAE C. HONG / POOL
Lilo in Court in May 2010

May 2010 - When she failed to appear at a court hearing, a bench warrant was issued for Lindsay's arrest. She was partying it up at the Cannes Film Festival in France, claiming to be stuck there with her passport stolen. As quickly as it was issued, the warrant was withdrawn after her people posted the $100,000 bond.  It was Lohan's alleged failure to attend those classes, ordered after a 2007 drunken driving conviction, that landed her back in court this month.

November 2007 - Lindsay is convicted and sentenced to one day in jail, 10 days community service, three years probation, and an 18-month alcohol education program. She goes on to serve exactly 84 minutes behind bars.

August 2007 - Lindsay checks into rehab and heads to Cirque Lodge in Utah.

July 2007 - Just 10 days after leaving rehab, Lindsay is arrested again for DUI and driving on a suspended license. She is found with cocaine in her pockets and tries to convince cops that the pants weren't hers.

July 2007 - Lindsay completes 45 days of residential rehab treatment at Promises. After checking out, she wears an alcohol monitoring bracelet.

May 2007 - Lindsay is arrest for DUI and cops find cocaine in her possession.

May 2007 Mug Shot


January 2008 - Rumor had it that Lindsay allegedly stole and $11,000 fur coat from Masha Markova while attending a private party at 1 Oak in NYC. After several back and forth phone calls, the coat was mysteriously returned to the rightful owner without charges being filed.

June 2009 - Rumors swirled that Lindsay allegedly stole $400,000 worth of Dior jewelry. She posed for Elle U.K. on June 6 and it was discovered that jewels from the photo shoot were missing. Two days later, reps from the studio went to the police and reported a pair of diamond earrings and a necklace stolen. Coincidentally, it was the same set that Lindsay wore in the photos. No charges were ever filed in the case.

All of the information included in this blog was found through other websites and none of the information was verified through official records. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Girls Night Out at Arts 'N Spirits!

Looking for a fun Girls Night Out? Check out Arts 'N Spirits in Bucktown. This is the cutest place. You can register for their classes to paint your own canvas.  It doesn't matter if you are an artist or don't have an artsy bone in your body. There is an instructor that leads you step by step through the painting. 
They have a calendar online, so you can look through each painting and decide what day/night you want to go. The paintings are really reasonable between $35 and $40, that includes the canvas and the paint supplies, brushes and paint. It's a BYOB, so you can bring your own drinks and even food to share. 
A couple girlfriends and I went here one Friday night. We were able to make reservations easily online and just asked to sit together. This night was honestly one of the most fun I've had. We brought some wine and snacks and got there a bit early. We could look around at all the other paintings on the wall that they've done in the past. We all were like 'I want to come back and paint that one'. There were so many good ones! The instructor was really cool and step by step showed us what to do. She even helped us when we didn't know how to do something or made a mistake. You are able to choose your own colors too, so you can match with something in your house. 

This is perfect for girls night out or a bachelorette party. But this isn't just for the girls, they have weekend family days and we saw some of the cutest couples there on a date night.

Check out our paintings below. We all did a really nice job. I was impressed with how talented we are! :) Are we the next Monet?

Check out their website here: