Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our Favorite Things.........4th Edition

Hey Friends! Here is another edition of our Favorite Things!

What are some of your favorite things?

Champagne in a Can

Yes, you read that right. I've never heard of this before. Recently we went to a wedding in Indiana and shared a limo there with 2 other couples to enjoy the wedding and not worry about driving. We of course were preparing for the ride there with drinks and snacks. This is where I discovered my new favorite drink.

The champagne comes in this cute little can with a straw! Perfect for pre-partying, tailgating or your next bachelorette party.

Instant Age Rewind® Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer - Pack Shot
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circles Treatment Concealer

I'm forever trying to find the best concealer. I need to try to cover some dark circles as well as hide my bags. It erases puffiness, dark circles and fine lines.  I picked this up to try this weekend.

This concealer has a cool little sponge on top and you click it to get some product on. I may just be in love. This totally conceals my dark circles, blends in easy and is fun to use.

Himalania Dark Chocolate Covered Goji Berries

Himalania Dark Chocolate Covered Goji Berries, from Whole Foods

Now I didn't know what a Goji Berry was but covered in dark chocolate?? Sold! Goji berries are actually one of the world's most nutrient-rich fruits and has tons of anti-oxidents. So you get the benefits from the goji berries and the anti-oxidents from dark chocolate too. What a great way to snack smartly!

Mojo Spa - Soy Cream Candles

These candles are magical!  Mojo Spa, which is located in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago, created these candles and they quickly became a bestseller.  Not only do the candles smell good but they really make your skin softer.  Massage the wax on your hands and feet and WALLA...dry skin be gone.  I have found no other product that works better for dry feet.

Vaseline - Intensive Rescue Moisture Lotion

Winter is coming and so is the dry skin.  Oh how I hate dry itchy skin. This Vaseline product really is an Intensive Rescue.  I have found this body lotion works better than all of the other moisture lotions I have used...and there is a long list. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Kardashian Wedding Extravaganza!!!!

Unless you live under a rock, you may have heard a little something about Kim Kardashian's Wedding Extravaganza to Kris Humphries.

This season on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we had the chance to 'meet' Kris Humphries. It was also our first time getting to see Kim and Kris together.

Here is a quick timeline, breaking down their relationship.

In December 2010, Kim first steps out with Kris after meeting him at a basketball game.

In May, Kris proposes with a 20.5 carat sparkler.

In August 2011, Kim and Kris get married in front of over 500 guests.

This past season, their relationship seemed on fast forward. Kim and Kris did only know each other for 6 months before getting engaged and married.

This weekend, E! will show a two-part, four-hour wedding special. These will include all the details after the proposal, prepping for the wedding, leading up to the wedding day itself.

I was a little Kardashian'd out after all the wedding coverage this summer. But let's be honest, I'll still watch the wedding special anyway.

We will be breaking down some of the special episodes for you. Here are some highlights.

Sunday's episode

Kim has always dreamed of her wedding, wanting glam, over-the-top romance. She also wants to get married in her prime so all her pictures look good. Way to put it in perspective!

Kris is currently a free agent, which means he doesn't have a job. He's got a sugar momma now, who needs basketball?

Kris Jenner claims they have 17 televisions in their house. Where would you even put that many? In every bathroom, closet or pantry?

Did anyone else notice, Kim is getting ready for bed and wearing her retainer but sleeping in full make up?

Kris Jenner starts to worry about how she looks and wants to fix her turkey neck. On her surgery day, I think this is the first time ever we've seen her without make-up. How big is this waiting room? Kim, Khloe and Rob are all there. Then three of her best friends show up as well. And sick, this isn't Dr 90210. I don't want to see the insides of Kris' chin. I wasn't prepared for that.

I love how the 3 girls, Kim, Kourt and Khloe are all doing a Lucky photo shoot during their mom's surgery.


Kourtney and Scott are walking into the Khloe's house, through the hallway of family photos. Is that a tile mosaic on the wall, of Khloe sitting on Lamar's lap and making out? What is that? Creepy.

Um...who has the Rolls Royce? Kris is driving around in the RR. Is that Kim's?

Most awkward moments. Khloe and Kris constantly fighting, talking smack to each other, questioning each other's relationships. I'm wondering how much of this is real and how much is made for good tv.

Kim's wedding wish list: Black, white and sparkles, she's the Queen of Bling.

Kris' wedding wish list: a casino theme, a food truck with burgers and cookies like from a state fair. Has he just met Kim? I'm pretty sure these wouldn't have been on her wish list.

Does Lamar have a star tattoo or two on the side of his head?? He does. Wait! He has several stars all the way around the back of his head, from ear to ear. What is up with that?

Omg! Khloe and Lamar's pantry. Boxes of boxes of donuts, pop tarts, jars and jars of cookies on the counter. I've never seen so much junk food.

Cutest moment.....Rob reading to Mason. Mason giving Uncle Rob a kiss.

Favorite comment... Kim said she's been planning her dream wedding since she was 10 years old. Kris says then you probably can just slot any guy into it. Exactly.

Monday's Episode

Can we talk about Kim's all leopard jumpsuit when she walks in to Vera Wang?!?

It's really cute that Kris has photos of his dogs all over his Minnesota house. I think you can definitely tell what kind of man someone is, by if they like dogs or not.

Kris Jenner and Bruce check out a sex shop for some bachelorette gifts. Now Kris Jenner has a leopard outfit on. Do they just pass them around in the Kardashian house?

Sick! They showed Kris' feet so Kim can give him a pedicure. I think I just threw up. Kim also let it slip that Rob gets weekly pedicures. I'm sure he loved that.

Kim's wearing leopard shorts now. Leopard must be part of the new Sears Kardshian collection right? I don't get it.

Here comes the bachelor/bachelorette parties in Vegas. The girls fly there in a private jet. The boys all fly commercial on Southwest. lol

Is Kris wearing a Hanes white undershirt out?

At the bridal shower, Kim and Mel B. (Scary Spice) compare engagement rings. It looks like everyone is wearing costume jewelry, they are so big and ridiculous! Kris Jenner too, with her 20 year wedding ring.

Kim drops a 'Toats'! Love it. lol.

Kim is obviously loaded but is making Kris use his frequent flier miles to get the minister to California. Hilarious.

Favorite comment.....When Kim and Kris are discussing Kim keeping her last name of Kardashian for work/branding related purposes, I love how he throws a "4 years ago you were just selling clothes in the valley" comment. lol

At the rehearsal dinner, why is Kris eating some steak or something with his fingers while holding his plate? Don't they have some silverware around or a table?

When you're rich, I guess you don't have to go to city hall to get your marriage license. You can just have them come to you. Must be nice.

I thought it was nice to see the real Kim, when she gets emotional about her Dad not being there. I feel like you got to see a real moment between Kim and Kris too.

Love Bruce too! He's such a good Dad.

It was really sweet visiting her Dad's grave too.

The Big Wedding Day is upon us!

Cutest moment of today....Mason saying Kiki for Aunt Kim. So cute!

Wait...Kris is getting dressed but still is sporting that mustache. Is he going to shave before the ceremony?

And we see leopard or some animal again in Kris Jenner's robe, getting ready.

There were so many celebs of the 500+ guests.

Some of the guests include: Eva Longoria, Mario Lopez, Serena Williams, Brody Jenner (Kim's step-brother), Babyface, Scottie Pippen, Sugar Ray Leonard and Kathie Lee Gifford.

Fun Fact: Sugar Ray Leonard is Khloe's god-father.

Fun Fact: Kathie Lee Gifford is the god-mother of Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

Kim does look gorgeous in her first wedding dress! Her headpiece is growing on me. She does look like an Armenian princess.

Still don't like Kris Jenner's big bow on her dress.

Second cutest moment....Mason running down the aisle. Poor Kourtney almost trips carrying him down the rest of the way.

My favorite part of every wedding is watching the groom's face as the bride appears. Kris definitely had a huge smile when he saw Kim. That was really cute.

Wow, did you see her wedding ring? That just looks insane.

I liked all the sisters wearing the white hoodies with Team Humps on the back. lol

Congrats to Kim and Kris!

What did you think of Kim's Fairytale wedding episodes?

Stay tuned for Kim and Kourtney take New York, coming in November.

Book Review - If It Was Easy, They'd Call the Whole Damn Thing a Honeymoon

I mentioned this book last week, 'If It Was Easy, They'd Call the Whole Damn Thing a Honeymoon, Living with and loving the tv-addicted sex-obsessed, not-so-handy man you married' by Jenna McCarthy. I ran out and bought it right away and couldn't put it down all weekend!!

It's a hilarious book about loving the good and bad habits of your spouse in marriage, some including: leaving his wet towels on the floor right next to the hamper and pushing closed the dresser drawers all the way shut except for an inch.

Jenna McCarthy details some of the hilarious stories, fights and more from her 11+ year marriage. She swears our husbands aren't doing all of these things to annoy us, they just don't think like us.

I was laughing out loud reading it, the author must have been a fly on my wall because I swear some of the fights and conversations were exactly like what happens in my house.

My favorites were the little blurbs called, "At least you're not married it him." These are stories of what other women's husbands do. Some made me feel better because other women have it worse than me and some made me feel not so alone because the stories were exactly like what I go through.

So thank you, Jenna McCarthy, for your hilarious and entertaining book! I'm telling everyone I know to pick up a copy today.

Check out her clip from The Today Show.

Here's a look at her hilarious website: