Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's Official! I'm Obsessed......with Video Games

Now I know what you're thinking. I sit home alone and play on my playstation or XBox all day. (Not that there is anything wrong with that). But I'm addicted to my iphone/ipad games.

You know that episode of Friends where Chandler is obsessed with PacMan, plays too much and gets a claw hand?

I feel like that's me. I go to bed at night and my hand hurts from squeezing my iphone so hard during these games. My heart is racing from trying to beat level after level. I even dream about them. I know that means I have an issue.

Now it's not all games. Only certain games draw me in. But I become obsessed with them for days until I can complete all the levels, then thankfully I tire of them. Until the next one comes along that is.

Something about the sounds of those birds flying, pigs laughing, bejeweled diamonds sparkling and crashing or zombies moaning draws me in. Maybe it's the feeling of completion each time I get to a new level or the feeling of satisfaction every time I smash one of those pigs. I can't get enough.

Some of my addictions have been:

Bejeweled. Something about those flashing lights and sounds, it's like thunder and lightening when you score big!


Angry Birds (The Regular Version, Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons) Can they please come out with a new edition? I need more.

Frogger. (Oh Atari, how I miss you!) An oldie but a goodie, I found this on my iphone and was hooked again!

Where's My Water? Now my 5 and 7 year old nephews taught me this, so I was surprised by how fun and again addicting it was.

And my latest obsession is Plants vs. Zombies. I thought this was stupid at first. But it drew me in. Some of it is like that game Whack-A-Mole but you whack the zombies. My heart was racing, I couldn't kill them fast enough!

Am I the only one? The sad thing is I get depressed when I finish all the levels. You would think I would drag them out, to enjoy them longer. But the obsessive part of me, needs to keep playing at all costs. I just think about it all day long and when I can get my next fix.

Have you developed any obsessions for video games?