Friday, August 26, 2011

Is Jersey Shore your Guilty Pleasure??

Am I a bad person because I watching Jersey Shore and because I especially can not wait for the next episode?  This week’s episode ended with Ronnie and The Situation getting into a physical fight.  The preview for next week is Ronnie beating the sh$t out of The Situation.  And I am Excited!  But these are real people and even though some of the show appears scripted, getting the sh$t kicked out of you is definitely not scripted.  This is why I feel guilty about not feeling guilty for loving this show.  Either way....I have made a decision...I can't stop watching it....It's just too entertaining!  Are you with me?  Can I get an Amen!

I mean they have changed the way we all talk.....GTL Twinning Robbery Grenade "T-Shirt Time" Smush DTF Fist pump "Cabs are Here" "Beat the Beat" "Juice Head Gorilla" "The Shirt before the Shirt" "Lez be honest."

Hollywood Reporter shows Top 10 quotes from Jersey Shore

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