Wednesday, December 14, 2011

You're know you are a Chocoholic when......

You dream of chocolate. 

You wake up thinking about chocolate.

You don't have any chocolate at home, so you run to the store specifically for chocolate.  Even with no make up on and in your pajamas.  You wear a hood, so no one will recognize you. 

You have a secret stash of cookies in your house, that is hidden from your roommate, spouse, kids.  You leave a note on the stash, "Don't Even Think About It" to warn off intruders.

You run out of chocolate in your house, so you eat the chocolate chips for baking.  OR You squirt Hershey's chocolate syrup in your mouth.

You get defensive when someone recommends that you slow down or teases you about eating too many cookies.  You might say something like "Ugh, this is my first cookie, relax!"  Knowing that it's really your tenth.

You leave the bar or a night out with friends becaue you have been fantasizing about chocolate and you can't hold out any longer.  You give an excuse like "I have to wake up early."  It's all a lie.

You buy extra halloween candy just in case you run out, but end up eating the extra bags yourself.

You can eat a whole sleeve of cookies, like Thin Mints, in one sitting.

You shop at the Jewel by the Blommer Chocolate Factory, just to smell the wonderful chocolate in the air!  People stare at you because you keep sniffing and smiling. They think you are creepy.

Not everyone loves the rich flavor of chocolate.  They wouldn't walk a mile for this treat.  They don't understand our lack of control when it comes to this divine dessert.  But we, lovers of chocolate, undersand each other.  We understand why your face lights up when you take your first bite of a dark chocolate Dove bar.  Why your body starts wiggling to an imaginary song after you tasted a Ghirardelli milk chocolate bar.  We have felt the gratification.  We are Chocoholics! 

What are your chocoholic moments? Please don't make us feel like we are the only ones!

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