Friday, October 28, 2011

Single, Dating, Married? Still getting those awkward questions?

It doesn't matter whether you are single, dating someone or married? It seems like those annoying questions keep coming.

When are you going to get a boyfriend, when are you getting married and when are you having a baby? It doesn't stop there, it seems like no matter what stage of life you are in, there are always going to be annoying situations and questions coming your way.

Are you Single?

What's worse than getting the "When are you going to get a boyfriend?" question?

Your mom is always trying to set you up, whether it be with a state cop or your hometown dentist.

You can never go anywhere that is mostly couples, like a wedding, group dinner or Christmas party.  We all remember the dinner party that Bridget Jones attended when a smug cow asked her "Why is it...there are so many single women in their thirties...these days, Bridget?"

You hate getting asked, when are you getting married? Um, let me start dating someone first then I'll send you the invite.

You hate the bouquet tosses at weddings. Does anyone else run to the bar during this? That's my go-to place.

You don't know whether the guy you like is into you for you or just for the booty calls.  Though, if he only calls you at night or isn't interested in taking you out...I think its pretty clear.

Your gyno dr tells you to get a boyfriend, after you admit you haven't had "relations" in a while.

Friends, family and co-workers start to say things like "Have you considered online dating?"

Are you in a relationship?

At every wedding you attend, you get the question "When are you two getting married?," "Are you two next?"

Your friends always tell you, "I'm sure you'll be the next to be married." Like something is wrong with you for not being engaged yet.

Friends and family always ask, "When he is going to propose?" I don't know. Ask him.

Your mother tells you, "Why would he buy the cow, when he gets the milk for free?" Thanks Mom.

When you are in a relationship, after each holiday you get asked "So, did he propose?"

After a few years of dating and no proposal, your friends and family start asking "Are you sure he's the one?"  They just might not get that WE aren't ready yet.  It will happen when it happens.

Are you Married?

Everyone and their mother starts asking you "When are you going to have kids?" Even minutes after you just said your vows.

Every doctor appointment you go to, they seem to ask the same question and you aren't even at the ob/gyn.

People start to say things like "Your biological clock is ticking."

Your pharmacist asks you about family planning before your flu shot. Thanks! I wanted the whole Dominicks to know.

Every time you hold a baby, someone says "You look like a natural."

A random co-worker comes up and starts talking to you about family planning, etc. Telling you way too much info about his wife giving birth. Um...Thanks for sharing.

Single, dating, married? What are some of the things you've heard?


  1. Funny! After being together for 8 years and living together for 7 years, the questions essentially stopped!

  2. Ha! That's true Jess! Maybe everyone will give up after a certain timeframe! :)


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