Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween - Where to go this weekend.

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Halloween is one of the best holidays we celebrate all year.  It's the one day that you can dress up and pretend to be anything you want to be, from a baseball player to a sexy Osama bin Laden (yes, that costume really exists).  Halloween is the only day in the year that people knock on their neighbors doors, say "trick or treat" and are expecting to be handed free candy.  The activities surrounding the holiday are endless, such as pumpkin carving, haunted houses, corn mazes and more...  Due to our appreciation of the holiday, Two Cents has dedicated this post to all things Halloween. Wahaaa Wahhahaahaa
Statesville Haunted Prison is one of the best known Haunted Houses in the Chicago area.  Something about walking around a dark prison, while people dressed in horrifying costumes jump out at you, is just truly scary.  This haunted house is a little pricey though, regular price is $30 (I am assuming for the patient people) and $40 for the VIP (people more like me, not willing to stand in line).  It is only open on Friday and Saturdays.

103.5 Kiss FM has a page dedicated to Scary Savings...I purchased a voucher from their website for Halloween Land and payed $7 for the voucher which was worth $25 at the store.  They also have discounted Haunted Houses listed.
Goebbert's Farm, one of the more well known pumpkin patches in the northern suburbs, is located in South Barrington.  At Geobberts, you will find a pumpkin patch, corn maze, wagon rides and a haunted house. 

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Looking for a haunted cemetery?  Check out Mt. Carmel Cemetery, located on the south side in Hillside, Illinois.  The cemetery is known for the notorious gangsters buried inside, which include Al Capone.  The cemetery is also known for being haunted by Julia Buccola Petta "The Italian Bride."  Julia died during childbirth and was buried in her wedding dress in 1921.  Soon after, her mother reported that she was having nightmares about Julia.  She dreamed that Julia was telling her that she was still alive.  Six years after her death the body was exhumed, and even though the casket had decomposed, Julia's body had not.  It was reported that Julia looked like she was sleeping, not dead.  Since then, several reports have been made that a young woman wearing a glowing bridal gown can be seen wandering across the cemetery at night.

 Boo! at the Zoo, Saturday Oct. 29 and Sunday Oct. 30

Brookfield Zoo is the perfect place to spend your Halloween weekend with your young child.  All of the kids dress up and as their website states "You are sure to have a howlin' good time." 

Navy Pier's Really Big Halloween Party - Friday through Monday, Oct 28-31

Navy Pier's Really Big Halloween Party
Navy Pier might be the place for you if you like live music and dancing, photo ops with sideshow characters, trick-or-treating up and down the Pier and a daily magic show.  Harry Caray's Tavern, which is located on the Pier, will be having a Halloween scavenger hunt.  For adults, they are offering spooktacular cocktails with fun names such as “Casper the Friendly Ghost” and “Mad Scientist.”

  Have fun and be safe this Halloween!!!

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