Monday, November 21, 2011

Are you ready for Breaking Dawn!?!?!

Its back!  Twilight fans can rejoice because Breaking Dawn part 1,the fourth movie in the Twilight installment, is in theaters Right Now!  

Movie Review:  Breaking Dawn was better than expected and leaves you wanting more.  Edward and Bella had the most beautiful wedding, with hundreds if not thousands, of flowers hanging over the ceremony and guests.  The honeymoon spot was absolutely gorgeous, completely unrealistic, but that's ok, we can all dream.  As the movie went on and Bella's health began deteriorating she took on the look of a gaunt anorexic patient...until she started drinking blood.  It was disgusting, but nowhere near as disgusting and gory as the birthing scene.   

Over the years, we have seen the acting ability of the actors evolve. It's clear that the hair and makeup artists have stepped up their game too.  Alice finally got a cute hairdo and the vampires, for the first time, didn't look like they were rolled in white powder.  I personally think critics are too harsh regarding the Twilight movies, I take it for what it is...a teen book series made into movies.  Though some of the scenes in this movie are unintentionally funny, overall it was good.  Bring on Breaking Dawn part 2.  I'm ready for it!

Breaking Dawn surprises:
* Stephenie Meyer makes a cameo in the wedding scene. It's quick, so keep your eyes peeled.
* You might think the movie is over when the credits start rolling, but its not!  So, stay in your seat for the extra Volturi scene...
* The cover of the "Breaking Dawn" book shows a white chess king on a chessboard with a red pawn in the background. It's a little unusual since chess pieces are more often black and white, not white and red, but you'll see the book cover recreated in a honeymoon scene, and yes, the colors match the cover.  (according to MSNBC)

Alice's hair over the Twilight years: 

Breaking Dawn


Rumors & Gossip:
Several news outlets have reported that the Breaking Dawn cast has not been getting along.  At a recent event, it was reported that as soon as the cameras turned off the cast was "cold and cliquey."  Are Kristen, Rob, and Taylor too big for the others?  Are the other cast members jealous of all the media time the three are getting?  Is it just life, not everyone is going to clique? 

Breaking Dawn Trailer:

Breaking Dawn quick recap:
Bella and Edward get married and spend their honeymoon on a private island off the coast of Brazil.  Two weeks into their honeymoon Bella realizes shes pregnant.  Edward and Bella immediately return to Forks, Washington to figure out how this has happened.  The Quileute wolf pack becomes nervous that the baby could be an out of control killer and make a plan to kill it and Bella.  Jacob protests and breaks off from the pack.

Bella eventually gives birth, and the baby breaks many of Bella's bones, including her spine.  As Bella begins to die, Edward injects Bella with venom and she turns into a Vampire.  Jacob "imprints" on Renesmee, Edward and Bella's baby.  As Bellas transforms into a vampire and explores her new abilities the others are amazed at her gift, she is a shield.
One day when Bella was out with Renesmee, another vampire named Irina spots them and thinks that Renesmee is an "immortal child."  Vampires are not allowed to reproduce, create an "immortal child," because the young vampires can't be controlled.  Irina contacts the Volturi.

The Cullens contact vampires from all over the world to stand as witness that Renesmee is not a baby vampire that will loose control.  The Cullens know that the Volturi are just looking for an excuse to attack them and take their family down.  All of the vampires, along with the wolves, begin training to fight the Volturi in case of an attack. The Cullens show the Volturi that Renesmee poses no threat and the Volturi leave.  Edward, Bella and Renesmee can now live their life in peace....Happily Ever After.

Team Edward:
I love Edward all day long, every day!  Jacob is a hottie, but I am Team Edward.  The younger generation tends to love Jacob and the older tends to love Edward. 

Team Jacob:

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