Monday, September 12, 2011

Are we in a fashion crisis?

Have you looked at this years fashion and asked yourself...Why?  Why are they selling this?  Why would anyone design an outfit like this?  Some of the styles the big name stores are selling are really different.

Billow TopDiane Von Furstenberg has this strange senorita look in their Fall Look Book.  Let me ask...would you do a double take if you saw someone wearing this outfit on the street? Uhh...........yeah!

Printed Harem PantsMaterial Girl <em>Pants</em>, Feather Printed <em>Harem</em> Relaxed Skinny Cropped
At least this summer's Harem Pants are now out of season...I hope! I am anti-Harem Pants.  These are NOT matter what you tell yourself.  Can we just leave the 80's behind?!?!

Different Degrees Maxi
$178.00 at Anthropologie -How much you wanna bet this ends up on clearance?!?!?

Perfect shirt with bronze buttons in navy plaid

J Crew- This outfit is just gross and gives off NO sex appeal.

Yep, this was listed under InStyle's Looks of the Day.
Alexa Chung in Stella McCartney  
On another of my sorority sisters famously said "Just because it zips...does not mean it fits?"  Words to live by.

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