Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fall TV, My Favorite Season of the Year

It's almost that time of year! The return of Fall TV, my favorite season of all. Most people love Fall for the return of football, the cooler weather and the start of school. I love the return of all my favorite shows for Fall TV! I miss all my characters like they are old friends. My DVR is already programmed and ready, just resting up the whole summer to prepare for this September.

There are so many to choose from, but here are a few of my favorites!

Get your DVR's ready!

Parentood (NBC): Tuesday September 13th

Such a great season finale with the Bravermans. Adam and Christina will be expecting another little one just after he got fired too. Julia and Joel struggle to have another baby. Sarah will struggle to let go of Amber but will have an old flame to help her through it. Julia might find a potential baby to adopt closer than she would expect, at work.

Glee (Fox): Wednesday, September 21st

We last left the New Directions after they lost the big competition. Finchel is back together after that scene stealing kiss! Trouty Mouth will sadly not be back this year. But Mercedes will finally have a new man in her life. Also, as we've heard a few characters might graduate this year, Rachel, Finn and Kurt.

Modern Family (ABC): Wednesday, September 21st

We can't wait to see what will happen this year. Phil and Claire's kids are growing up. Cam and Mitchell realize they want to adopt another child. Another family vacation is in the works as well, to a dude ranch. We can only hope Phil does something hilarious!

The Office (NBC): Thursday, September 22nd

Michael has finally left the Scranton branch for good. James Spader will be replacing Sabre CEO Jo. But who will be replacing Michael? And there will be another addition to the Halpert family soon!

Grey's Anatomy (ABC): Thursday, September 22nd

So much drama last season, lets just hope we don't have to suffer through another musical episode this year! My ears won't be able to take it. Meredith was suspended for her little stunt in the clinical trials. This putting a strain on MerDer's relationship, just as they are about to bring home their newly adopted baby. Cristina found out she was preggers and isn't sure she wants the baby, although Owen does. This season, Meredith's misdeed will affect not only her job and relationship with McDreamy but others as well, including the Chief and Alex, who ratted her out.

Desperate Housewives (ABC): Sunday, September 25th

This is the final season of the houswives drama! You must tune in to see what happens after Tom and Lynette split, Carlos accidently killed off Gaby's horrible stepfather and Bree found a new boy toy in a police detective. Some familiar faces will be returning to the show for one last walk down Wisteria Lane.

The Good Wife (CBS): Sunday September 25th (Now opposite Desperate Housewives)

Wow! What a great season ending! Alicia finally closed the door on her marriage to Peter after she learned about his little trist with Kalinda and opened the door of the pricey presidential suite and a possible new relationship with Will! Finally! This new season will be all about taking risks and we'll see what happens when Peter takes office.

Gossip Girl (CW): Monday, September 26th

Just when we thought Chuck and Blair were going to get back together for good! Chuck does the honorable thing and let's Blair go to Louis. Serena may have landed an internship and Dan was headed to the Hamptons. Don't forget about not really Cousin Charlie. Blair will be planning her upcoming Royal Wedding this season. And don't worry if you don't see Vanessa or Little J, they've said goodbye for good. xoxo

Did I miss any of your favorites? What shows are you most excited to see?!

Stay tuned to the blog as well, for more new shows coming to TV this Fall.

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